Many, many updates to share!
California has been such a blessing. While I LOVED NYC, I feel so grateful to be back in the Sunshine State. 
The sense of ease the comes with living in California has been such a nice change for me. Many things are contributing to this – sunshine, better work/ life balance, slower pace, the beach, Mexican food, fresh produce,  farmers markets, being close to friends, only being a short flight from Family and most importantly the change to my baby plan. 

Never in my life could I have imagined what was here for me. A wonderful male friend, who will now be on this journey with me. “I” has now turned to “Us”. 

I have known him since the early 2000s. He is gentle, kind, strong, sensitive, brilliantly smart, athletic, fun, dedicated, hardworking, close to his family, silly, and the perfect person to co-parent with. Most importantly, I cannot imagine another individual being the Daddy. 

Life has such a magical way of working out and providing just what one needs. At times you find yourself in situations that just cannot be understood, but then, just like that, you begin to see why certain situations haven’t turned out like you had hoped. 

As we begin this exciting and life changing journey, I feel such gratitude and calmness.